Virus Gobbler™ Disinfectant

NRCS Registered surface disinfectant with proven bacterial and virucidal efficacy. For use in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas.

Virus Gobbler™ Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer | Surface Disinfectant | Hand Soap | Fogger Disinfectant

Hands and hard surfaces are some key ways viruses are spread. Hand sanitizers are recommended for hands, and disinfectants for hard surfaces. Hand sanitizer production is unregulated, meaning any company can try to produce them, but their quality is usually not verifiable unless they can provide certified laboratory testing and accreditation. This has led to many substandard products being sold to unaware consumers, with very concerning health effects. Some contain methanol which is poisonous, can cause permanent blindness, is ineffective, and consumers would be none the wiser if their hand sanitizer contained it. Ecozyme’s Viru-Guard 80 alcohol hand sanitizer is formulated according to the World Health organization’s recommended formula, containing 80% approved alcohol, which formula is independently tested by scientists in Germany and Switzerland to be COVID-19 effective. Viru-Guard 80 alcohol hand sanitizer is also independently tested to SANS 490, SANS 54885 and EN 1500 standards, Certification Number: AS20-155. Hard surface disinfectants are more stringently regulated, requiring independent laboratory testing and certification, as well as being registered by the NRCS, which Ecozyme hard surface disinfectants comply to. The NRCS has warned consumers that companies are selling products as disinfectants which are not NRCS registered and these can even be deadly.

Alcohol free QAC hand sanitizers have recently been scientifically proven to be effective against COVID-19 within 15 seconds! Based on the latest QAC technology, alcohol free Virus Gobbler™ skin friendly hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant provides outstanding performance with superior gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial elimination. Virus Gobbler™’s latest generation water based alcohol free and chloride free formulation is independently SANAS laboratory tested to EN1276 standards (quantitative microbiological evaluation to determine the anti-microbial efficacy of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics) and has a 99,9% microbial kill rate within 60 seconds for hand sanitizing and a 99,999% microbial kill rate within 5 minutes for hard surface disinfection, Certification. Number: 2017IS/TS/0338. Independent scientific testing on skin with a comparable QAC formulations has shown an incredible nearly 99,99% residual anti-microbial protection factor after 4 hours of application! This far surpasses an equivalent alcohol based hand sanitizer in the tests performed.

Virus Gobbler™’s raw materials have further been independently tested to demonstrate excellent enveloped virus killing properties against viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis-B (HBV), Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV), Influenza H1N1 as well as Modified Vaccinia Ankara, MVA, as this is the specified representative organism for a claim of virucidal activity against enveloped viruses. Virus Gobbler™ has good tolerance to hard water and maintains excellent efficacy in the presence of high levels of organic soiling such as protein.

The World Health Organization in February 2020 stated about hard surface disinfectants “in the light of the comparable genetic characteristics with SARSCoV and MERS-CoV suggest that 2019-nCoV may likely susceptible to disinfectants with proven activity against enveloped viruses” and these include many disinfection technologies from quaternary ammonium to phenolic compounds, when used according to manufacturer's recommendations. Additionally the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) maintains an approved list of disinfectants on the same basis of virucidal claims, noting multiple disinfection technologies from chlorine dioxide to hydrogen peroxide.

If any product is being marketed with the word Disinfectant then it is compulsory by law to be registered with the NRCS. Consumers must insist on being provided with its NRCS registration, compulsory laboratory tests, and critically to make sure that the product has proper virucidal killing claims. This is the only way to safeguard themselves, their families and their employees. If a product is being marketed as merely a sanitizer, consumers should be aware that it is vastly weaker than a disinfectant. Virus Gobbler™ is NRCS registered, registration number: Act5GNR529/294433/040/1223. Virus Gobbler™ is a registered trademark of Ecozyme Enzymes.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol free hand sanitizers are now scientifically proven effective against COVID-19! Virus Gobbler hand sanitizer is SANAS laboratory accredited.

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

World Health Organization recommended 80% alcohol formulation with emollients to moisturize and protect skin. Certified. Proven to be effective.

Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

Hand washing is a  W.H.O. recommended way for reducing COVID-19 infections. Highest quality hypoallergenic moisturizing formulation.

Virus Gobbler Fogger Disinfectant

Formulated with distilled water for protecting fogging equipment from limescale buildup. Ensure total area disinfection coverage.

Virus Gobbler™ Aerosol  Fogger

Potent total release aerosol disinfectant with a 99,999% microbial kill rate, approved to EN 1276 testing standards.

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