Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer and supplier of green and natural biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, bacterial, probiotic, microbial and enzyme products for our rapidly growing distributor network, major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa as well as for successful export around the world.

Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of green biodegradable eco-chemicals and natural bio-enzymes

Through continuous research and development, leading value based performance and unwavering client service, Ecozyme has grown from humble origins and a small client base into a recognized leader in the field of natural bio-enzymes, eco-chemicals and green cleaning products, supplying the majority of highly respected blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa, with an ever growing global export presence.

We provide support on a national footprint for a wide variety of applications, replacing harsh chemicals with better performing bio enzyme, eco chemicals and sustainable eco-friendly green products.

We can replace virtually any harsh chemical with better performing bio-enzyme and green chemical solution. With our vast technical expertise, we can easily and cost effectively tailor make solutions for you, for practically any application.

About Ecozyme

By investing considerably into the field of local manufacturing, Ecozyme is now uniquely in control of our products from start to finish. Whereas the majority of bio-enzyme, effluent, remediation and green cleaning products are currently imported from American, Canadian and European markets, Ecozyme has recognized the value in local manufacturing and these endeavours are adding substantial value to our clients. We offer better performing bio-enzymes, eco-chemicals and green cleaning products at a lower price. A continuous and interrupted supply of stock is guaranteed.

Ecozyme bio-enzyme technology is based on local South African bacterial strains which gives them a massive home ground performance advantage. They degrade waste quicker, metabolise faster, reproduce quicker, survive for longer, while vastly higher CFU (Colony Forming Unit) bacterial and enzyme counts means they can colonise and produce results quicker. All bio-enzyme formulations and strains are proprietary technology, garnered from years successful of in-field testing.

How green is “green” really?

What makes us different

The South African consumer is now far more sophisticated and educated in the field of enzyme, bacterial and green cleaning products than just a few years ago. They now ask intelligent questions about carbon footprint like “How green is a product really if it has to be imported and shipped from the other side of the world?” And they contemplate important questions like “Why buy expensive imported products if I can get a better performing local product, save money over  even harsh chemicals, while supporting our local economy?”

These are questions Ecozyme asked a few years ago before deciding to actively find solutions to, and solve these problems. This has now made locally produced bio-enzymes, eco-chemicals and green cleaning products a completely viable alternative to traditional harsh chemicals.

Ecozyme bio-enzyme, eco-chemical and green cleaning products are based on the stringent requirements of the Heritage Environmental Programme and where applicable carry the coveted Eco-Choice label. This guarantees our enzyme and green cleaning products are manufactured to the highest international standards while having no negative impact on the environment.