General Purpose Cleaner


FG 550

State of the art food industry safe multiple purpose product.

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Heavy duty high foaming degreaser for the most stubborn of grease and carbon buildups.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol free hand sanitizer with incredible and lasting disinfection properties.

Virus Gobbler™

New generation extremely powerful bio-degradable disinfectant for the food industry. Excellent kill rate.

Ecozyme’s exciting new range of cutting edge, multi purpose high performance products for use in the food and related industries have been independently tested and accredited by Intertek against the SANS 1828, SANS 51276 and EN 1276 standards. They are fully toxicology risk assessed by Intertek and are food industry safe. The products are all fully HACCP Standards Compliant, and are certified to Type 1 Eco Label standards. Many disinfectants are chloride based but they are actually known to cause corrosion on stainless steel surfaces and increase biofilm growth. Ecozyme cleaners are disinfectants protect surfaces against corrosion. They are much more effective by using the method of Cell Wall Intrusion, thus pathogens can’t build up resistance. Suitable for food processing plants, hospitals, medical centres, industrial kitchens, breweries, abattoirs, post-harvest processing, tanker washing, animal farming, canned food manufacturing, soft drink beverage plants, sauce blending plants, chemical factories, starch processing plants as well as being safe for waste water plants and helping to reduce C.O.D’s.

With stable high foaming action, excellent cleaning properties, while remaining highly cost effective.

Heavy duty Log 5 disinfectant, proven against all major pathogens, Listeria included.

Food & Beverage Solutions

Intertek SANS 1828 Cert.

Listeria Log 5 Lab Report

Testing against the major pathogens including Listeria.

Intertek EN 1276 Cert.

Intertek SANS EN 1276 Approval.  Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved. Safe For Use In The Food Industry. Type 1 Eco Accreditation.

Intertek SANS 1828 Approval.  Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved. Safe For Use In The Food Industry. Type 1 Eco Accreditation.

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