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The effects of dust inhalation range from mild to life threatening, putting enormous financial strain on the national and private healthcare sectors.

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A quick tutorial with the Steps to Road Stabilization and Road Building with Permazyme 11X, the miracle enzyme soil and road stabilizer product.

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Quite simply put, the World’s Premier Soil Stabilizing Product with incredible multi functional uses! Save money and time with Permazyme 11X..

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The magic ingredient you’ve been waiting for - build roads, dams, ponds, airport runways, levees, bricks, do landscaping and much more!

Ecozyme is the proud sole worldwide manufacturer and exporter of its new and improved proprietary formulated Permazyme 11x™. Permazyme 11x™ is widely resold and used by companies the world over, and is one of the world’s premier enzyme soil stabilization products. Permazyme 11x™ has been used in virtually every type of climate ranging from the Arctic Circle to Africa, to the rain forest climates of South America, and even to the Hawaiian Islands. These countries, including Canada and the United States, depend upon Permazyme to increase the value of infrastructure to maintain road surfaces including tar, dirt, gravel, and chip sealed roads. Permazyme practically eliminates potholes, ruts and corrugations by creating a rock solid and stable waterproofed base. Road longevity is significantly increased with maintenance costs slashed, typically by 80%!

The Permazyme enzyme product is an incredible aid to the workability, mix-ability, binding and compaction of soil for road construction.

Significantly improves stability in construction of roads,, airport runways, dams and many other related projects. Lower cost, less maintenance.

Enzymes For Soil Stabilization and Road Building

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A World Bank study on soil stabilization using enzymes in Paraguay reported consistent road improvements and much better performance from enzyme soil stabilizer treated roads compared to untreated roads. The conclusions were drawn by The World Bank based on data gathered on a large-scale study from multiple sites using commercial enzymes and documentation of road performance for up to 33 months. Enzyme products have been used in more than 40 countries in the construction of structures from rural roads to highways for the past 40 years.

Stabilization of soils and roads with enzymes has been used extensively in India in high rainfall regions. Excellent performance was achieved despite the high rainfall and heavy traffic. Besides an increase in the strength, durability and dust suppression of the roads, a significant reduction in project cost was also achieved. Enzymes have also been used successfully to stabilize roads in Malaysia, China and the Western USA at very low cost. The California Department of Transportation has conducted several tests of enzyme soil stabilization and compaction. This natural product helped the road base to set very tightly, reducing dust and improving chip-seal applications. With air quality and water quality agencies requiring dust reduction, the benefits of eco-friendly biodegradable enzyme soil stabilizers are very clear with significant cost savings over asphalt road applications.

World Bank Study - Scientific Proof of the Incredible Benefits of Enzyme Soil Stabilizers

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Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of green biodegradable eco-chemicals and natural bio-enzymes