Penetrating & Loosening Oil

Tar & Asphalt Grading

Solvent Carrier

Use instead of mineral spirits & petroleum compounds. Reduce volume of solvent use. Drying times not affected. Environmentally kind.

Release Agent

Excellent release agent for tar & asphalt trucks for easy unloading. Ideal replacement for diesel fuels which are not suited to be dumped on the ground.

Solvent Replacement

Replace mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents. Eco-friendly.

Lift Station Treatment

This incredible new product has been proven to completely eradicate sludge build ups within 3 weeks. Another industry first from Ecozyme.

Eco Friendly Industrial Chemicals. Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of cost effective enzyme, bacterial, probiotic and microbial products and eco-friendly chemicals in South Africa for the major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa and the world. Ecozyme’s natural eco products guarantee a healthier environment while being safer for humans and animals. Ecozymes environmentally friendly products are extremely high performance and easily surpass harsh chemicals. Our products are uniquely derived from South African soil cultures for a natural home ground performance advantage - they metabolise waste faster, reproduce quicker, and survive longer. Local production avoids expensive exchange rates, our products are much greener because we avoid the high carbon footprint of importing from across the world and local production means job creation while stimulating our economy.

Effective spray on to loosen bolts, works into tight joints and dissolve hardened greases and oils to assist in the removal of bound nuts and bolts.

High performance for tar and asphalt grading. Insure the proper mix of aggregate sizes and oils in the asphalt extraction methodology.

Industrial & Engineering Solutions

Drain & Fat Trap Cleaner

Soot Remover & Cleaner

Soot cleaner and remover for boilers.

Emulsifiable Solvent

Natural with no petroleum distillates. Strips away the heaviest grease, grime, wax, oils, adhesives, tar and asphalt, gums and more. Fresh scent.

Parts Washers & Dip Baths

More powerful and eco-friendly, an ideal replacement for petroleum derived products. Health benefits for workers. Excellent results.

Excellent alternative to hazardous acid & caustic cleaners. Won’t disrupt bacterial action. Maintain afterwards with automated Fat Trap Gobbler.

Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer and supplier of green and natural biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, bacterial, probiotic, microbial and enzyme products for our rapidly growing distributor network, major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa as well as for successful export around the world.

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Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of green biodegradable eco-chemicals and natural bio-enzymes