Ecozyme manufactures eco-friendly, high performance, value for money dust suppression products. Dust Gobbler™ dust spray is a revolutionary, cutting edge dust suppressant liquid with proprietary 4 System Mode of Action. It provides superior dust suppression while saving costs and increasing on-site safety.

Charge Attraction Technology: The particles in soil naturally have the same charge on a microscopic level. As with a magnet, when applying two of the same polarities, the magnets repel each other. Dust Gobbler™ dust spray incorporates proprietary charge shifting technology which intelligently alters charges to form a natural and powerful attractive bond, just like when the magnet is flipped around it naturally attracts. Over billions of microscopic charges this forms a very powerful and lasting bond which greatly increases its dust suppression capabilities when compared to conventional dust suppression products.


Organic Polymer Glue: The organic polymers in Dust Gobbler™ dust spray are specially stabilized and formulated to act as natural glue to bind fines and soil aggregates together, and the organic polymer traps moisture which retards evaporation thus prolonging the wetting effect and thus increasing its dust suppression properties. The binding action is further uniquely aided by presence of natural sugars which are derived from matrix polysaccharide breakdown.

Soil Penetrating Agents: Proprietary and specially tested and designed soil penetrating agents lower the surface tension between liquid and solid particles, acting as highly efficient wetting agents. These specially designed agents are chosen for their scientific ability to work synergistically and more effectively together than existing technologies. Effective wetting of dust particles suppresses the tendency for fines to become airborne and aid very significantly with compaction, further aiding overall dust suppression.

Plasticizer: Dust Gobbler™ dust spray contains precisely calculated amounts of organic polymers which acts as a disperser in a matrix of fines and clay to disperse clay particles effectively for improved plasticity at lower moisture levels, leading to greatly reduced abrasion, erosion and the emission of dust particles This allows for denser and firmer compaction of the road surface. As an ongoing dust suppression benefit, Ecozyme's organic polymers continually leach into the road matrix.

Cost Savings: Dust Gobbler™ dust spray offers savings in significantly reduced water usage and road maintenance, improved vehicle tyre lifespan and fuel consumption, reduced vehicle wear and tear as well as increased uptime. For farmers there is a massive reduction of dust formation on crops.

Increased Safety: Dust Gobbler™ dust spray improves driving conditions, visibility and braking ability, and reduces occupational hazards such as silicosis, asthma and cancer.


Environmentally Friendly: Dust Gobbler™ dust spray is completely environmentally friendly, biodegradable and manufactured from completely renewable resources. Organic polymers are one of the most abundant organic polymers on the planet. Ecozyme's organic polymers are derived in a proprietary and eco-friendly process from natural and sustainable origins.

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