Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer and supplier of green and natural biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, bacterial, probiotic, microbial and enzyme products for our rapidly growing distributor network, major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa as well as for successful export around the world.

Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of green biodegradable eco-chemicals and natural bio-enzymes

Biological, Bacterial, Enzyme, Microbial and Probiotic Products

Man has always relied upon the power of nature to treat his unwanted waste and pollution. Nature's biological workers are the multitude of natural microbes; both bacteria and fungi that have the capacity to biologically degrade waste and render it harmless. Over time, man has learned to harness the power of microorganisms, making them a fundamental component of biological cleaning products and most wastewater and solid waste treatment.

Biological Cleaning Products

A biological product and solution uses biological decomposition to clean and deodorize. These biological cleaning products harness nature's own processes to recycle waste into simple and essential substances. When a biological cleaning product is applied to a surface, the microbials eat at the organic waste turning it into water and carbon dioxide. Biological cleaning products harness natural processes in order to meet today's demands for cleaning, odour control, oil and waste elimination without the use of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

Bacteria & Enzymes

Enzymatic products are used when an instant effect is required, such as in general surface cleaning, odour eradication, and disinfection. Bacteria, which produce enzymes in a slower but continuous way, are used where longer-term biological cleaning treatments are needed, such as cleaning and odour control in drains, urinals, sewer plants, septic systems and oil spill degradation. Both of these types of products offer a variety of distinct advantages over many traditional chemical methods; including user safety, potential cost and time savings and reduced environmental impact.

User Benefits

Biological and bio-enzyme earth cleaning solutions, being natural and generally harmless, are very safe to use meaning humans applying the products are protected during general use and in the event of accidental spillages. Easy compliance with health and safety and less complex information on packaging helps to simplify storage, transport, and staff training for these green, environmentally friendly and natural solutions.

The effluent cleaning process can often be carried out more effectively and quickly, as biotechnology type products and solutions are very specific. For example, an enzyme that will degrade oil or clean toilets will not work well in carpet cleaning. Consequently, powerful cleaning solutions can be selected and used without fear of damage to the cleaner, machinery or the fabric of the building. As enzyme action is continuous, biological cleaning products have a high re-use capacity. This is particularly relevant in applications with recycling capacity and where there is no ready supply of water.

Environmental Benefits

With biological and biodegradable products, the adverse environmental impact of many chemicals and operations can be reduced or eliminated. Biological products work by actually degrading soiling from the simplest residual food soiling to heavy industrial oils and effluent. As a result, the by-products of the green process are less damaging to effluent treatment plant and the rest of the downstream environment. In fact the use of bio-enzymes actually helps sewer and wastewater plants to function more optimally! These benefits also translate into direct cost savings, with effluent treatment costs, regularly being cut in excess of 10% to 50% after the introduction of enzyme producing bacterial products and systems.

Who Uses Biological, Bacterial and Enzyme Products and Solutions?

For both practical and commercial reasons biotechnology is already being widely used in North America, Europe and Australia. Enzymatic solutions are used in a huge range of industrial and commercial processes. For example, the food processing, manufacturing and transport industries are using biological products to clean floors, walls ducting and machinery, to remove fats, grease starch proteins lubricating and fuel oils, paints and tyre marks.

Many contract cleaning companies and building managers are now committed users of enzymes and bacterial cleaning solutions for toilet and washroom cleaning. In the holiday, leisure, and healthcare markets, enzymes and biological cleaning products are rapidly gaining ground for general and problem cleaning, sanitising, and even viral control. Microbes can be added daily, weekly, or monthly to drainage systems to degrade the organic matter that causes pipe blockages and odours. This simplifies drain, grease trap, sewer and pumping station maintenance and makes it more economical and pleasant for operators. Oil spills can be quickly and easily remediated onsite with enzymes and bacteria, turning the oil into carbon dioxide and water. Sewer plants can get rid of sludge handling and greatly reduce odours. Sewage and human waste can simply be degraded to drastically improve the quality of life of users and get rid of diseases. Dams, ponds and rivers can be quickly treated and safely remediated.

The Future

Biotechnical products and biological products for most solutions are now available for nearly all applications. Through continued research and development Ecozyme is ensuring a steady flow of ever more effective and cost effective products. In addition, products can easily be designed to meet the specific needs of industry by combining traditional chemistry with biotechnology. Governments and industry globally has embraced this biotechnology and are reaping the benefits. Now is your turn!

A bio-enzyme product is one that performs better and has no negative effect on environmental and human health when compared with competing harsh chemicals serving the same purpose.

What are bacterial, probiotic, microbial and enzyme products?