Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer and supplier of green and natural biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, bacterial, probiotic, microbial and enzyme products for our rapidly growing distributor network, major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa as well as for successful export around the world.

Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of green biodegradable eco-chemicals and natural bio-enzymes

Eco Choice Approved. NCCA Member. Manufactured to the highest international standards.

If your product does not show the Eco Choice Logo how can you be sure it is being manufactured to the highest international standards?

Many local companies import raw material concentrates which carry Eco Logos in Europe or the U.S. but then unethically greenwash and dishonestly try to ride on the back of these labels in South Africa claiming their products have been locally licensed and certified. Your products should always be ethically registered in their country of productions by a trusted and independent body.

Eco-Choice’s eco-labelling from The Heritage Environmental Management Company is an environmental licensing initiative in South Africa for green biodegradable products which have been specially developed to meet the highest international green biodegradable eco labelling standards.


The Green Business® Programme is a powerful marketing tool which reinforces Ecozyme’s green biodegradable environmental commitment. It strengthens our point-of-sale impact and gives our company greater credibility in an increasingly eco-aware marketplace. Because the Green Business® Programme provides an independent third-party certification for green biodegradable products, it recognises that companies certified by Green Business® conform to specific South African and International environmentally responsible business standards.

Eco-Choice is aligned with the green biodegradable cleaning Global eco label Network (G.E.N.) and environmental Choice Australia. It represents the only initiative of its kind in Africa. The green biodegradable programme offers recognition for a wide variety of manufactured products ranging from paper and paper products to lighting; electrical goods; apparel; adhesives; furniture and fittings; recycled paper, plastic and rubber products; printers and printed materials; and other consumables such as green cleaning products and agents to personal hygiene products.

Green Market Trends

It is more important than ever that biodegradable products contain green and natural ingredients that not only perform extremely effectively but also address environmental and health concerns.

Green, natural and biodegradable products are no longer just an advertising claim. Today many government and private organizations demand that green  biodegradable products be used in their facilities. Ecozyme's green biodegradable products can help make your company more sustainable by using nature's own cleaning agents: beneficial microorganisms, enzymes and probiotics.

Ecozyme offers both fully formulated products, super concentrates of products for own blending and non-formulated microbial blends for complete self-formulation of products. This guarantees your business a sustainable line of high quality, effective, environmentally safe, sustainable and biodegradable products.

Partnering with Ecozyme:

• Bio-innovation keeps our green biodegradable product development efforts ahead of ever-changing market demands

• Skilled microbiologists support you with product and application expertise

• Proprietary and unique technology differentiates our green product performance

• Worldwide distribution network allows cost-effective supply logistics

• Superior and sustainable solutions prepare you for tomorrow's ever-changing marketplace

• Ecozyme’s expertise and rigorous safety standards instil confidence and trust

• Reliable and sustainable green solutions for your complete peace of mind

Metabolise Faster, Reproduce Quicker and Live for Longer - the Ecozyme bio-enzyme way to better and more cost effective performance, and an environmentally safer world.