Wastewater Treatment

Septic Tank & Drain Lines

Pit Toilet Treatment

Potent enzyme waste digester sachets for pit toilets, & long drops which digests organic matter, removes odours, and gets rid of flies.

Pump Station Treatment

Incredible bio-enzyme product has been proven to completely eradicate sludge build ups within 2 weeks. Another industry first from Ecozyme.

Portable Toilet Treatment

High performance and fragrance biodegradable formulation for portable toilets, RV’s, and marine holding tanks for biodegradation odour control.

Sewage Land Spills

Instant control of sewer overflows and spills with this powdered enzyme producing bacteria. Prevent typhoid and cholera outbreaks.

Ecozyme bacterial and enzyme products are widely used for biological treatment in effluent plants, septic and wastewater plants, sewer treatment, pump stations, septic tanks, grease traps, pit latrines, dams, lakes, ponds, and golf courses across the country, as well as for successful export around the globe. Performance and cost in use is exceptional, and a wide variety of issues are effectively addressed including massive reductions of: C.O.D.’S (Chemical Oxygen Demand), F.O.G.’S (Fats, Oils & Greases), Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia,Phosphate, as well as Hydrogen Sulphide (typical bad odours). In small scale laboratory tests we see excellent reductions in as little as 24 hours, peaking at nearly 100 percent reductions in a mere 120 hour period, which is an exceptional result. Ecozyme biological treatment products are also extensively used to control algae growth and address odour problems in water bodies, while making for an fantastic healthy environment for fish and bird life. The visual improvements are remarkable. Items are able to be shipped in super concentrate form for manufacture in the country of export for huge transport savings.

Natural microbial strains which produce huge concentrations of digestive enzymes for effective sewer and wastewater treatment works.

Naturally occurring enzyme producing microbes and bacteria for effective septic tank, drain line, blocked pipe, tanks and leach drain  treatment.

Bacteria And Enzymes For Biological Effluent, Septic And Wastewater Treatment Plants

Enzyme Drain Unblocker

Potent 9 enzyme drain treatment which begins working within seconds. Permanently digests organic blockages into carbon dioxide and water.

Instant Sludge Digester

Instantly digest sludge in waste plants and blockages in grease traps, drains, and sewer lines. eliminates odours. Oxygenates water.

Compost Accelerator

Rapidly colonise wet garbage, compost heaps or 

mortality pits to greatly accelerate the degradation 

or composting process for ideal breakdown.

Dams, Ponds & Fish Farms

Bacterial & enzyme additive for golf course dams, fish farms, ponds & rivers which removes algae, odours & disease causing bacteria while cleaning.

Grease Trap Treatment

Digest grease and fat quickly and permanently into carbon dioxide and water, while rapidly controlling odours and flies. Excellent cost savings.

Grey Water Treatment

Bacterial & enzyme additive for eliminating smells in greywater thanks and septic systems. Makes water suitable for irrigation improving plant health.

Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer and supplier of green and natural biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, bacterial, probiotic, microbial and enzyme products for our rapidly growing distributor network, major blue chip companies per key sector in South Africa as well as for successful export around the world.

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Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of green biodegradable eco-chemicals and natural bio-enzymes