Ecozyme is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge bio-enzyme, eco-chemical, bacterial, probiotic, microbial and natural biodegradable products

Ecozyme was established in 2006 and has over 100 years collective experience in the bio-enzyme, eco-chemical, cleaning, and hygiene industries. With a proud Level 2 B.E.E. empowerment, Ecozyme is a trusted, and ethical manufacturer of world class bacterial, enzyme, probiotic, microbial and eco-friendly biodegradable chemical products nationally for major blue-chip companies per key sector in South Africa as well as for global export.

Ecozyme products are widely used in the following sectors: cleaning, hygiene, medical, property, hotel, lodge, facilities management, hospitality, laundry, environmental remediation, sewer and wastewater plants, oil cleaning and remediation, mining, soil stabilization, road construction, dust suppression, food processing, restaurant, airport, chemical and more.

At Ecozyme, we understand that our success is built on the success of our Distributors. We actively forge sincere, mutually beneficial, and lasting relationships with key as well as start-up distributors in South Africa and across the globe. A proud testament to this fact is our partnerships spanning from Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean, Middle East and to the U.S.

Ecozyme works closely with key multi-national corporations and well-known chemical companies to provide custom developed formulations and products, as well as toll manufacturing services for existing products and formulations. We have a passion for finding newer and better formulations.

Ecozyme products are manufactured from start to finish in South Africa, and our bio-enzyme products are freshly cultivated from local soil cultures and are at the very cutting edge of global science and biotechnology, ensuring the highest efficacy, best results and the lowest cost in use when compared to traditional chemicals, often significantly outperforming even harsh chemical counterparts.

Ecozyme is an Intertek ISO 9001, Eco-Choice Africa (G.E.N. Global Eco-Labelling Network affiliated), and Greenpath audited and accredited organization, ensuring the highest quality manufacturing practices and standards, greenest environmental product guarantee, as well as responsible and sustainable environmental business processes and practices.

Our certifications guarantee the highest quality control standards, globally approved green products and raw materials, as well as sustainable and responsible green business practices

our commitment to business and environment

How "green"?

Ecozyme manufacturing technology and our policy of avoiding direct imports and supporting local businesses, creates local jobs, addresses key national priorities of socio-economic development and improvement as well as sustainable environmental preservation and ultimately environmental remediation and advancement.

Thank you for affording us the opportunity to introduce Ecozyme. We look forward to demonstrating to your organization why we are leading expert in our fields of expertise, and of being of continued assistance to you in the future.


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