The below videos and laboratory tests were completed by Acutrade Eastern Cape. They are recommended installers of Permayme 11x™. Ecozyme is the proud sole worldwide manufacturer and exporter of its new and improved proprietary formulated Permazyme. Permazyme is widely resold and used by companies the world over, and is one of the world’s premier enzyme soil stabilization products. Permazyme has been used in virtually every type of climate ranging from the Arctic Circle to Africa, to the rain forest climates of South America, and even to the Hawaiian Islands. Permazyme practically eliminates potholes, ruts and corrugations by creating a rock solid and stable waterproofed base. Road longevity is significantly increased by using Permazyme with maintenance costs slashed, typically by up to 80%!  Contact Acutrade today.

Permazyme Recommended Installer

Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa

An incredible video shot by Acutrade in October 2017. See the immense strength of Permazyme 11x™ when when the road is dug up for the purposes of testing the soil for compressive strength t in the laboratory.

Addo Trial Follow Up

Filmed by Acutrade in January 2019, this amazing footage shows the road is as good as new. Listen and see the difference that this industry changing product makes. This trial section of road is available for viewing  at any time.

Dust Suppression At Addo, Eastern Cape

An excellent video from Acutrade showing the incredible dust suppression Permazyme 11x™ offers. Look how the dust literally disappears at the 19 second mark and then reappears at 26 seconds on the untreated section.

Compaction Strength Lab Test Report

This lab test report shows the phenomenal compressive strength of the soil sample taken in the first video on this web page, achieving a compressive strength of 101,9%

Compaction Strength of Permazyme 11x.pdf Ecozyme Home

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