Ecozyme is the proud sole worldwide manufacturer and exporter of its new and improved proprietary formulated Permazyme 11x™. Permazyme 11x™ is widely resold and used by companies the world over, and is one of the world’s premier enzyme soil stabilization products. Permazyme 11x™ has been used in virtually every type of climate ranging from the Arctic Circle to Africa, to the rain forest climates of South America, and even to the Hawaiian Islands. These countries, including Canada and the United States, depend upon Permazyme 11x™ to increase the value of infrastructure to maintain road surfaces including tar, dirt, gravel, and chip sealed roads. Permazyme 11x™ practically eliminates potholes, ruts and corrugations by creating a rock solid and stable waterproofed base. Road longevity is significantly increased using Permazyme 11x™ with maintenance costs slashed, typically by up to 80%!

Permazyme Videos

Yellow Grass, Canada, 2012

Full Depth Reclamation. Permanent Soil Stabilization. Reduced Maintenance Costs. Reduced Reflection. 100% Green Certified. Greater Base Stiffness. Environmentally Friendly. Reduces Moisture Penetration. Reduces Dusting.

Côte d'Ivoire Ambassadors Testing

Huge cost savings and increased performance. You have the benefits of tarred road construction, without tar construction, at a fraction of the price. Witness 6 years down the line with no potholes, ruts or corrugations.

Glenn County, California

See how a very busy road which carries huge trucks daily is almost magically transformed into a rock solid and stable base. 3 years down the line there are no potholes or ruts. Incredibly there is still no shoulder drop off from the road.

Garfield & Emery Counties, Utah, USA

Openly endorsed due to it’s incredible performance, huge cost savings and empowering the use of local materials. Equipment outlay and costs are massively reduced. Ruts, cracks and potholes are completely eliminated.

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